First Friday

Is this a bad time to talk about taking time off? No job? New job? ‘Lucky to have a job?’ You may be here to learn about all of the insane things we do each day at the farm…and all we can think about is time off. We don’t covet the jobs that our farmer neighbors have…because time off is not a thing. We can’t imagine it.

CNBC reported in December of 2019 that “only 23% of employees take all of the time they are entitled to — and 9% take no paid time off at all…(in 2018) American workers left a record 768 million days of vacation on the table, up nearly 10% from the year before, according to research from the U.S. Travel Association. Of the unused days, 236 million were forfeited completely, the equivalent to $65.5 billion in lost benefits. For each worker, that’s like giving back $571 in untapped paid time.

Enter what we call, ‘First Friday.’ The First Friday of every month is about adult time (insert inappropriate comments here); no kids, no work, no chores, no responsibilities except to enjoy the day – whatever that looks like to you, twelve times a year. Whatever the month, whatever the weather, circle the wagons around that shit and make it happen.

First Friday was a couple of days ago and it coincided with great weather for the first time in forever. So, while chores were screaming from all directions, we bailed. Farmer Matt and I hiked at Kickapoo Valley Reserve, stopped at Rockton Bar for lunch and a cocktail for lunch, finally found the infamous ‘Amish Walmart’ junk shop (closed for Good Friday), hit a couple of stores in Viroqua then picked up fish fry at Old Oak Inn in Soldier’s Grove. Great day.

Is it February (not going outside!) and the kids are home doing their virtual learning or you’re just plain sick of staring at the same walls since March of 2020? Rent the coolest, closest Airbnb to your home. One night, two nights…hell, rent something by the hour. Let nothing stop you! The anticipation of First Friday is almost more cathartic than the day itself. Something to look forward to….it’s the best medicine.

Already we look forward to Friday, May 7. Guests will check in for their escape at our farm and we’ll check out. They always understand. Hoping the people in your life will, too.